Boone County Big Give

Boone County Big Give • Friday, December 1 The Boone County Big Give is an awareness campaign geared toward educating people about charitable organizations in Boone County.  Donate to any of the participating organizations by stopping by any Giving Station, which will be set up at all bank locations throughout Boone County, giving online or at the organization(s) of your choice. 100% of all gifts go directly to the designated organizations. Your gift will help the organization you donate to receive matching funds, made possible by Cornerstone Bank, Pillen Family Farms, Scot Daniels St. Farm Ins., Valero Renewables, Boone County Bank, Green Line Equip., Grosch Irr., John Kennedy , Stock Realty/Rex Mahoney and Applied Connective. Plus, special events hosted by the participating organizations are scheduled. Please visit for a full schedule.

2014 Big Give funds are being used to present three free performances of Little Red Riding Hood performed by the Eulenspiegel Puppets from West Liberty, Iowa.
2015 Big Give donations were used to present the popular children’s band The String Beans.
2016 Big Give donations are being used to again present the popular children’s band The String Beans.
2017 Big Give donations will be used to fund another children’s program in 2018.
Please support the Albion Area Arts Council and other worthy charitable groups from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. on December 1!

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