Mission Statement

“Creating opportunities to connect communities through the arts.”

This is accomplished by rethinking how we strategically integrate the arts into our communities.  Our mission is to offer accessible, engaging, and educational experiences that connect people and increase awareness and advocacy of the arts in rural communities.

 Statement of Commitment to Our Communities

Albion Arts Council, in living out its mission commitment to “create opportunities to connect communities through the arts,” sees itself as a resource for improving lives in and strengthening the civic fabric of Albion and its neighboring communities. Exposure to the Arts is, of course, valuable in and of itself; yet we also recognize its power as a tool for human betterment. Insofar as our resources permit, we seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships with individuals and organizations to help us further the public good. We will approach these relationships as learners, understanding that our expertise lies in arts advocacy in rural communities and that our partners are the authorities in their fields of interest. Out of these relationships we will develop experiences in which art programs and events support community goals. We aspire to be a contributor to all things of importance to Albion and its neighboring communities and to be recognized as a reliable and flexible collaborator on projects that make Albion and its neighboring communities a better place to live.

Board of Directors, Albion Arts Council