Scholarship Program

In 2007 the AAC established a scholarship program for high school seniors to help them pursue education and careers in the Fine Arts. This $500 scholarship is offered to high school seniors attending either public or parochial school in Albion/Petersburg, Cedar Rapids, Elgin, Fullerton, Lindsay, Newman Grove, St. Edward and Spalding who have displayed excellence in music, art, speech/drama or creative writing. Students must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution with preference given to those majoring or minoring in some aspect of the Fine Arts or Fine Arts education.  This scholarship is funded by the Arts Council’s endowment.

2021 Savannah Robinson, Fullerton

2020 Kelsie Hupp, Cedar Rapids

2019 Maya Baker, St. Edward

2018 April Johnson, Albion

2018 Tanner Trube, St. Edward

2017 Jordan Mescher, Elgin

2017 Amber Berger, Spalding

2016 Amber Hallberg, Albion

2015 Megan Frerichs, Albion

2014 Anna Goodwater, Albion

2014 Jacob Ritterbush, Albion

2013 Randi Schrage, Elgin

2012 Jessica Gonzales, Albion

2011 Tiffany Starman, Albion

2010 Loren Bygland, Albion

2009 Miranda Stanczyk, Fullerton

2008 Rudi Sup, Albion

2007 Laura Bruger, Albion